Gillian Grossman

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Zucchini and Goat Cheese Breakfast Crostini

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(2160) Anonymous , "Skin color shouldn't matter. Everyone is beautiful."




Y’all say stuff like this and I can pull up your blog and there are no black women.

You’ll come here and follow to only “like”, never to reblog, because you don’t want to give anyone the idea that you believe black women are attractive.

I can scroll past basic ass white girls on this website who have over 100,000 but look like uneatable protein and come back to my blog and see beautiful melanin with 1/10th of that….

But yea everyone’s beautiful as you say # privilege

Woooooooh fire in this post


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Kyle Thompson is a young photographer on the rise. He began shooting at age 19 in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, and in the last couple years has amassed a substantial body of work that shows a surprisingly adept and concise voice for such a young artist. This work, just released in a book titled Somewhere Else is comprised mostly of self-portraits taken in various abandoned locations found while on a road trip traveling the country. Read our exclusive interview on Hi-Fructose.

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Giamba RTW Spring 2015

Giamba is shaping up as a younger, quirkier incarnation of Giambattista Valli’s signature and couture lines. For More

For all RTW Spring 2015

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The 6th Spice Girl. [via]

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see terms:

  • daddy issues
  • friend zoned
  • jail bait
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Batman Through Mexican Creativity

Created by Kimbal


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Spring asparagus salad

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Title: Let's Dance
Artist: David Bowie
Album: Let's Dance
Plays: 55


Let’s dance put on your red shoes,
 and dance the blues

If you say run, I’ll run with you
 If you say hide, we’ll hide

Because my love for you
 Would break my heart in two
  If you should fall Into my arms

And tremble like a flower

Let’s dance to the song they’re playin’ on the radio

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