Can’t stop won’t stop. Spooky train is on a roll! This time a speckly moon ghost! :D 

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Happy place.
-Hi Mister Snuffles…. I’m ok… I’m not sad.
Sometimes people cry because they are too happy to say it otherwise.
I’m happy, fully.

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Inktober number 10!

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Kate MccGwire - Fume (2007)

"In ‘Fume’, Kate literally and metaphorically plays with fire; a hole burnt into the pages of a hand-made book resembles an inverted flower. The unexpected beauty and fragility of the incinerated pages, however, is subverted by the heresy of the action."

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Shia Labeouf for interview magazine november 2014


Photography CRAIG MCDEAN


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oh my god 😍

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Eggs Benedict Florentine by Brian Just Got Back From… on Flickr.

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She said it!!!!

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"Sometimes this really seems to shock people. They appear genuinely upset when I say ‘this conversation is over’ or ‘I’m actually not interested in debating this with you.’ There’s an expectation that if you care about social justice and political issues, you’re always ‘on.’ You’re always ready to debate, you’re always ready to have theoretical discussions about your own lived experiences and the issues you care about, you’re always ready to defend yourself. That’s manifestly ridiculous and unjust, an expectation that’s simply not reasonable." -

Sometimes, I Just Don’t Have Time for Individual Fights | this ain’t livin’ (via brutereason)

Setting boundaries/self preservation <3

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Additionally, some arguments are just so thoroughly discredited that even bringing them up automatically concedes any debate they wanted to have; and it behooves us to tell them they haven’t earned a seat at the grown-ups table.

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Backstage at the 1954 Pierre Balmain Couture show. Photos by Mark Shaw.

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R.I.P Oscar de La Renta. 1932-2014.

omg what?

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Being a college TA I’ve come to realize a new appreciation for teachers and a new level of intolerance for shitty students.

10 students didn’t show up for the in class dissection last week. 2 arranged to meet me to make it up. 1 met with me. 8 never contacted me or the professor.

The test is tomorrow.

Like, I see your grades you should probably show up to the class you have ONCE a week or at least the study session.

On top of that, with their bad grades only ONE student dropped the class and that was one of two girls who have made it to less than half of the classes at that point. The other is still in the class.



I just, I don’t understand. There are people with loooow Fs and they didn’t drop????

I can’t.

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Caramel Apple Roll-ups

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